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Disposable ecg electrode
With more t han 20 years experiences in designing, manufacturing and marketing ECG cable and electrode,Qingdao Bright Medical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has became one of the recognized market leaders. Our patented adhesive formula and imported high quality sensor provide quick, accurate traces. the lower chloride composition in hydro gel help to minimize skin irritation. The high quality backing materials ensure high patient adhesion without residual. A full range of disposable ECG electrode including stud disposable ECG electrode, TAB electrode,Pre-wired neonate electrode, Tailor made electrode in different shapes and sizes meet all your clinical need in resting ECG, stress ECG and Holter monitoring.

Disposable ECG electrode

● High-quality medical adhesive provides a strong adhesion, it won’t easily fall off even on Diaphoretic patient;
● Imported Ag/Agcl sensor and patent formulated hydro gel ensure quick ,clear and ccurate traces;
● Electrical performance according to AAMI EC12 Standard, ISO10993 complied.
● Private labeling and packing are available;
● All electrode produced in 100,000 level clean room;
● Neoprene-free, DEHP-free and mercury-free;

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