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Company Culture





TsingTao Bright Medical Instruments Factory was established.


We became the global supplier of the famous brand in the world “HP/Agilent”.


We provided the reliable “Human-Machine”connection solution for the Shenzhou V manned spacecraft astronauts and completed this great mission successfully. 


We had passed EU CE Quality System Certification and Product Certification.


Our company began to focus on product orientation, innovation and independent intellectual property rights of the overall strategic layout, and realized homogeneous product differentiation.

We began to cooperate with world’s well-known brand “GE Medical”. 


We get certificate of quality and certificate of registration from Russia.


We started to organize the standardization and launched the use of enterprise information management platform softwarewhich designed by the company independently.


We passed FDA certificate.

We spontaneously donated for the Wenchuan earthquake disaster area. 


We officially changed the name as China Qingdao Bright Medical Mnaufacturing Co.,Ltd

We obtained “Japanese Foreign Manufacturing License”

We launched ERP and CRM management system officially. 


We participated in the drafting and formulation for the standard of the medical instrument industry .

We were awarded Qingdao High-tech enterprise.


 We were recommended as “New Third Board ”pilot enterprise by Qingdao Hi-tech zone.


We were awarded the“ China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise ”.


The company started the shareholding reform.

During the 20th anniversary of the founding of the enterprise, “Qingdao Bright Medical Science Park” was established officially and came into service. The Manufacturing Center, Quality Control Center, R&D Center, Incubation Center and Laboratory of the company had already moved into the Science Park. 


Our head office had officially moved to “Qingdao Bright Medical Science Park”.




Company Culture:


Company’s Tenet:

As a customer –oriented company.Talent is the primary capital and the enterprising people are essential of the company.

Continuous improvement and excelsior are our enternal pursue.

Company’s objective:

Keep the leading position in the quality field.。

Do our best to build a team of elite with high efficiency, modern management consciousness and stronger enterprise.

Company’s aphorism:

Not preciseness medical, ten thousand people suffer;

frail dam, ten thousand people suffering.

Company’s ideal:

Universal Fraternity, Medical Ethics, Intergrity Character, Striving Spirit.

Interpretation of Corporate Philosophy:

Universal Fraternity: Kindness and humanity is good for everything. (Mr.zhao comments)

Medical Ethics: For kindness, doctors should be skilled in therapy,so their virtue will be rewarded.

He who is devoted to his career is a warm hearted one.( Mr.zhao comments )

Intergrity Character: Impartial and Selfless, Upright and Candid

Striving Spirit: As our forefather said, the one who craves jade and polishes it repeatedly is improving.( Mr.zhao comments )

Management Concept:

Be severe with oneself & lenient towards others

Active communication, Cordial & enthusiastic

Efficient & precise, Earnest & thoroughgoing

Modest & interactive, United & pragmatic

Responsible & devoted, Positive & enterprising

mutual Collaboration, co-development.

To popularize: standardization, precision, norm and high efficiency.

To propose: principle, independence, preciseness and mutual help.

To forbid: blindness, dependence, repetition, casualness.

Service Concept:

We will win your friendship & trust by our sincerity and preciseness!

Service guidelines:

We survive because we have customers. We have work because our customers need us.

We work promptly because of our customers’ urgency. We work exquisitely because our customers are sensitive.

We must adapt to it because our customers are independent. We must be the best, so our customers choose us.

We must be outstanding because our customers are professional. We win more customers because of our customer’s influence.



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